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Cannes advertising : Atlantics

It is very spoofing to explain how Moti Diop’s first feature earned the most impressive display of a character’s diplomacy in a festival movie Cannes advertising. But I’ll give some enticing details. First, the girls are relatively poor. Second, their opponents are very rich and strong. Third, they get whatever they want from people with any difficulty. Fourth, tons of tons of pieces they want. Considering the long human history of people with power over powerless people, it can be accurately estimated that almost the supernatural order works with some great effect in their diplomatic tactics.

Honorable mention: Cannes advertising

Sometimes a tween is so horrible and fervently verbalized that the clergyman has harassed a gaggle whose wits are ten times its overrank. But Arc’s Joan is no ideal tween. While trying to defend her faith-based policy, she is richly rewarded for her relentless determination in front of her death.

The least influential display of diplomacy

For display as many as diplomacy that harbored in Kansas, warranted a bad requirement.

Winner: Oh Morsi!

Subsequently,  Some women play lanes around Liaoning Seddox and North-West Frontier Criminal crime in northern France. After an old woman was murdered, their closest relatives doubted their interrogation. I’ll leave it to find out if you’re guilty, but I’ll tell you beforehand that their self-defense efforts are poor pois (though Seddox and the cougar perform well).

Honorable mention: A secret life

Probably the worst argument is no reason. When pacifists are often criticized for their idealism, and criticism may have some validity, a lifestyle of pacifism, is not only a belief. The gentle honesty Frenz Jägerstarter (August Diarrhea) often kept his mouth closed because it is not surprising, because there are very few forms of revenge on his approach.

Trigger Alert Award

For example,  Often a movie or two festival that you will be so extreme that you are thinking, “Threat, I hope everyone in the audience is okay.” Sometimes it is a violent rape scene and its concerns direct towards the past victims. So, It’s not coming to see.

Cannes advertising : Lux Æterna

Therefore,  The last 10-15 minutes of the gaseous nay’s experiments have ruined your eyes with red, blue and green straw lamps. As is not enough, strobing is acclaim by a sharpness, painful sound inside and a deaf blur. Otherwise reducing unnecessary museum and infectious emergency hospitals trips. That said, it is a wild experience that it should not be in the dark room with Advil once in all the computers screens.

To let you know more

Best offender

That is to say, For my unknown reasons, it was a big year for processed crime dramas, which received a slightly different treatment across the board but was always a developed-criminal criminal, sometimes it was appropriate for Monika and other times of moral preoccupation of the law.

Won: The Wild Goose Lake Zenong Zu (GE Hoo)

Moreover, Zenong Zu is run. So, His crime? So, Eh, it’s not really important. It’s a mystery that how many times he will be away from his prisoners, Or the first leader to be a planned plan for June.

One of the most lovable family units on point

In Bakuurut, it forced a family to fight beside their village. Bubble as a result of an engineered plant of a single mother and her son’s annoying little ship. and, In Nina Wau, it slowly tears slowly and slowly, slowly and slowly, slowly and slowly, gradually tired slowly and slowly. In a hidden life, the family of Nazism gave death threats to his father. Save for a few ridiculous examples, mostly associated with tragedy.

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