Cannes Lions festival new arrival trends

Cannes Lions festival

The Cannes 2019 Superlatives: Cannes Lions festival

Ear award is a brief, understated event. There is nothing wrong with that. God knows we are not seeking another four hours self-assessment ceremony for power. However, when all is said and done, only the most straightforward sections are rewarded: Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Grand Prix (Grand Jury Award) and Plam d’Or. Usually, there are some jury prizes and special mention, as well as Cannes Lions festival. This year, there was special mention and two additional jury prizes. But outside of frenzy for the Palam d’Or winner, let’s be honest, the whole thing looks like a house dog in its final year. We decided to spice up the things.

Trend of competitive film : Cannes Lions festival

Moreover, we expanded the acting field in all the films displayed in the competition and in the competition, including critics week movies, non-seren rewards and director Fifty. Based on the trend of competitive film, we have created 11 categories that deserve the winner. Significant references to the honored department are mentioned: Shitest Twin, Best Will Duffo Performance (Yes, Multiple), Most Annoying Pets, The Best Talent Hostels, Small Tarantino-Esquie Movie (which went to Tarantino), Most Offensive Death A Boyfriend debatably tasteless), and Bong d’Or (for lack of claimants).

Also, this year’s ear superlatives …

Best underwater cinematography

Curiously, water cinematography was a major trend throughout the world. At least one-third of the competition films include water shots – not many movies are mention outside the competition. Maybe it’s just coincidence? For example,  Or is it the reflection of the quality and accessibility of modern film equipment?

Cannes Lions festival: Do not wear dog pants

However, director Zucca-Pekka Bhekappa does wonderful work with fantastic, neutral, turquoise underground shots, which, every time, our main character gets scared by its authority and reaching execution. It’s seamless and bright.

Honorable mention: pain and greatness

The best movie in a movie

From Once on A Time From Hollywood to Pain and Gary to Two Mathias and Nine Waugh from Maxime, Kane’s was a film starring the film. Thankfully, we will see almost all of the clips. On the other hand, Some people use strictly for comedic purposes like git-rowing, deceiving others, and others like our winners.

Winner: Operazen Dean-O-Mite! Once in a while … in Hollywood

In addition Opera’s non-Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) footage is apparently in Sergio Karbuchi’s 1967 film Moving Target, which gives plenty of money about the tendency of Quantin Tarantino’s Carbucci and his direct direct references to the film. But it won mere foolhardiness. Consequently Just look at Leo Branding that Italian flat hat and shiny green prevents winding the vehicle vertically.

Honorable References: Title untitled from Mathias and Maxim

Best acting dual

Above all,  The acting duos are strong, abundant, and are initially cast this year. Among the winners, both are so terrifying that “best” is just a matter of seeing which kind of mood you are in, because the pieces of time are not the same.

Won: for instance Naomi Merland and Adele Henel (Portrait of a Lady on Fire), Will Duffo and Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse)

Meanwhile,  It seems impossible to choose between these two, but it is valuable to stick to their onscreen chemistry and a serious thumb in personal performance. Merlant and Haenel found an interactive spark so extraordinary if we would probably discuss for decades, thousands of years. Therefore, Pattinson and Duffer have been given the most difficult performance of every career by writer-director Robert Egars. Not saying, they raised the challenge with lazy strength that would really hurt your mind.

Likewise, In honorable comments: Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio (Hello, Apne Aimee. After that, in Hollywood), August Diyal and Valerie Panchner (a hidden life), Javier Dlan and Gabriel d’Amieda Fratas (Matthias and Maxim), Betris Dal and Charlotte Gainsberg (Lux Æterna)

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Wait for maximum price

In conclusion,  Kanase has 4,500 press members, including various levels of regional recognition. So, To replace it from the point of view, it spent on every line for almost one and a half or more contest

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