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Awesome sequels are almost always controversial. If there is not a single series, the audience gives more visitors the same way, but sometimes a follow-up takes a completely different route. Films such as Texas Chess Genocide 2 (1986), for example, have moved away from what has happened earlier and what they do not expect from viewers and sometimes they do not. Happy Death Day 2 U, Hit Groundhog Day (1993), Bloomhouse’s Huffy Death Day (20077), is a brand new slasher movie, hoping to expect a horror fan, but walking through a college-based science-fiction comedy streaming. In the decade of the film, with reference to the New movies travel time.

After the collapse of the first film, it has left some dead bodies of hard slash, but the director Christopher London has created a movie that closes its ancestral small caster plots and why our heroine tree (Jessica Roth) is reliving on the same day again. But much more, this sculpture extends our own universe broadly (in this apprehension) to the indefinite end of this horror / science-fi-trilogy.

New movies My Science Project (1985)

Something that I completely unexpectedly received at Happy Death Day 2 is that it is a clear tribute to the 1980s Ambiance Entertainment Entertainment Mela, which is the definitive addition to his film Back to the Future (later on). But really, Happy Death day 2 is far more than a movie that refrains from Ambiline’s feeling in the 1980s: My Science Project.

After the discovery of a foreign technology in military junkyard, he tried to pass it as a science of his past science, and he was not able to find himself completely like the loop during the teen mechanic and quiet man Harlan (John Stockwell) of the residential campus. That trees and companies allow themselves to find among themselves, people, places, and other aspects of the pop. And when this science project does not involve many “death necessities” as Happy Death Day 2, it is still shared with its fair share of giant moments such as Mutantant, Nindarathal and Ray Harhausen-Esquin Dinosaur War. We also got Dennis Hopper in a helpful introduction to homework for Blue Velvet, like Hippie-Depp Science teacher Huffing Nitrous. Many theories from the My Science Project Happy Death Day 2, but for the set of ’80.

New movies Primer (2004)

The time to get the most refreshing time on Happy Death Day 2 You could find surprisingly complex timing and travel principles and multiple universes on top of each other. But if you want to see the most intelligent movie made at the time of travel, then it may still be difficult for many visitors to understand, look for Shane Carrrim Primer.

Engineer Harun and Dave ended their lives in the last days of the death, when they worked on a mysterious project during their friend, which, for their surprise, is actually a machine capable of traveling. And if you think that Ryan was thinking of going back to Ryan while killing himself for activating Sanchi, it is a cruel plot device, then you will see dark places that the Primer is completely cool.

New movies Real Genius (1985)

The My Science project came out in the same weekend, another film was released which is cut from the same clothes as Happy Death Day 2 You: Wall Killer Car Real Genius. We can not only learn as Jillian College student Chris Knight, but we have another science project under the leadership of a group of kids, who are interested in giving a thanks to Professor Hathaway, which is 80’s slimble William Atherton (Ghostbusters, Die Hard).

Hatway secretly concealed a LASER weapon by secretly developing the CIA, which completes the project and works for its students at the Pacific Technical University (a proxy for Caltech). Thanks to the help of ex-student Lazzler, Barcelona 80’s Barnout played by John Greco, competes against the clock to make sure students can not use their work to make war machines. And the government agents of Happy Death Day 2, when CC, Ryan’s (Fue Bhau) Quantum Physics project decides to create a Type loop, acknowledges their ignorance and arranges facilities for bringing broadcasters to the students. Many needed pointers, this quarterly set of films set us up.

New movies Summer School (1987)

More than his ancestry, Happy Death Day 2 U is basically a finger as a school set comedy. Planning disciplined histories to escape the campus safety and to save the day to get involved with crusty ol ‘Dean, all its features that were so popular in the 1980s. And when you can see the disqualified King of College Communities, the Animal House (1978), why not sink to the toe of your feet, someone who has strong appreciation for the Rainer summer school.

Just like Mark Harmon is just a few minutes away before going to the hot air on his chest, how can the tree be dragged again in the loop due to the quantum mechanics of the sycim. After that, Will lose his term as a PE coach (which I think could be a thing?). But controversially, this film is kept in our hearts, out of heartbreaking Harmon, on our hearts, it has filled the horoscope of Horror Movie Lover Dave and Chanso with their wide variety of cattle, which have undoubtedly inspired creators for years in trouble. Or at least for the 1988-1989 school year.

Kaler Edge (2014)

The only way for the tree is to identify the correct algorithm of the rayan and the crew and at the back of his own timeline dictates the ants on his back, until finally, until the final solution is possible, every individual, while remembering the quantum equation, dies and repeats. The deadline is straight. And did you know that somewhere else? Tom New movies cruise.

In the episode of Doug Limon’s science fiction episode, Cruise has played Major William Cage, who faces media relations for the Defense Forces in the United States, facing the aliens, known in the media. With the General strengthening the General’s battlefield to keep him quiet, Cruise becomes ready for war and repeats on the same day every place in each side of the battlefield, just as the hero of the war sergeant Rita Bharatski (Emily Blunt) Together, together with their collective memories, to resolve algebra threats, they can reset their deadlines well before they resolve alarms. Although film is not concerned with physics behind travel time, it is still a unique move to the same plot device that Happy Death Day 2 UK employs, Tom Cruise Power can help you choose just one star through a big budget action lens.

Wexwork II: Lost In Time (1992)

Many like Happy Daydays, the original Wexwork film is much more heavier than its time-jumping sigell. But how Anthony Hikks created it, is a brilliant, stupid and stylish mashup that is made for the first 90’s dancers, and the taste for science-fian junkies.

After David Warner got out of Voodoo, Mac (Jach Galingan) and Sarah (Monica Suncare) found himself after raids on the murder of Sher-Baba – who was actually murdered from the living museum. , Naturally Through the filming incident, they discover that they can travel time and space in another dimension, where they can prove the evidence of the abduction of the killings of the killings. Imagine that the top of his game, by the celebrated Bruce Campbell, is taking incredible leap in quantum leap or slogans with incredible camio.

Let’s find out some new movies..

Final examination (1981)

The biggest criticism I read about Happy Death Day 2 is that this is not really a slash movie. And when it should be assumed that should be argued, it is true that blood-equipped sub-series devices are not shown as shown in previous films. So if you are a little more hungry than the red stuff then I can recommend the final test of 1981, a film that is so much slash that basically matches any platform and gives you what you want: stalkin ‘and slashin’ college kids. Hell, even if you get a view of someone descending from the watch tower, just as the tree decides to close itself in its many time resets!

Although the ultimate test can not be the best example of a slash film, it likes a lot of inspiration, not just by giving a backstory to a murderer or giving it names. She could just be one of the more realistic killers who have been given sub-section, in 2019, that is, in a silent white foreboding white man, with a knife.

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